We’ve been to a lot of places and done a lot of things. Here are some of the highlights from our Instagram!

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Places We’ve Been

Holyoke Brick Race (10/02/21)

The Great Holyoke Brick Race is a low-key event in Holyoke, MA where local artists create contraptions to race a brick down an inclined plane. While the event doesn’t have as many people that attend it, it has a great community. In addition, we met a person who works at Protedyne, a company that makes robots for medical uses.

Florence Night Out (9/25/21)

Florence Night Out is an event in Florence, MA where the downtown is closed to cars and becomes pedestrian-only, and you can look at and/or buy various things from artists. This event is by far the busiest, as we were busy from a few minutes after opening to an hour and a half before closing. We really enjoyed it, and in addition to enjoying it, got a few potential team members and educated a lot of people on FIRST and FTC!

Millpond.live (9/11/21)

Millpond.live is a concert in Easthampton, MA. There are vendors behind the area where people watch the concert, and that’s where we were. This event was moderately busy, and we enjoyed it.