Our robot has a lot of unique parts and concepts to it. Here we describe some of them.


We decided to use 80/20 for the chassis, as it allowed us to make any shapes we desired. However, we still used some Tetrix for attaching motors, as opposed to having to make mounting plates for 80/20. On top of the main 80/20 frame, we put a deck made out of 3/4 inch plywood for attaching the hubs, battery, and manipulators.

Dead Wheels

Dead wheels (that we built thanks to OpenOdometry)are rotary encoders that are able to track robot movement along an axis. By having three: two facing forwards and one facing sideways, we can not only track our movement forward and sideways, but also our rotation.


Our robot has two manipulators: an arm with a claw, and a spinning wheel. The arm can pick up the game elements, and move them to the shipping hubs, while the spinning wheel spins the carousel.