RoadRunner and MeepMeep

Road Runner is a tool that allows you to create both spline-based paths. Using the deadwheels on the bottom of our robot, we are able to have our robot glide over the field in efficient arcs. We also use MeepMeep to help visualize trajectories, before we put them on the robot, to avoid hitting walls as much.

Android Studio and OpenRC

Android Studio is a tool used to develop the Android apps that we use to control the robot. We use the FTC-standard coding system, but we use OpenRC to speed up compile times for builds we don’t use during competition. The few seconds you save may seem negligible but stacks up over time.

GitHub and GitHub Desktop

GitHub is the website that we use to manage code, and we use a client called GitHub Desktop to transfer code to it. GitHub stores the code, and we “push” new code to it via GitHub Desktop, and “pull” when people make changes. Github also stores all of our previous versions, so we can revert back to them if we mess the code up really bad. In addition, if you want to look at our code, or even use it in the next season, you can find it at