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  • prgrss

    What we did today was: Sawyer unjailed Shrek, and worked on attaching the servo. Nate worked on wire management and relocating the switch. While all this was happening we also tried to get a 3d print done. We also ate pizza and watched dream.

  • Double feature triple special super awesome best ever coolest masters of FTC progress

    We just did our first competition! We had to fix the wire to the servo during the beginning of the competition. Team 18438 Wolfpack Machina helped us fix our robot. We then came back better than ever and had a lot easier time . Team 21877 Circuit Makers then invited us to the semifinals. We…

  • Kinda Final Progress

    We tried to fix the hand (because it broke last meeting) but we couldn’t. The only way we could get it to work was to have the robot slide the hand down over the cone. We tried to make a hotkey for that movement, but we couldn’t get it to work. We finished the presentation…

  • progress

    We worked on the presentation slideshow. Nate finished designing our Shrek capstone. We tried to get the autonomous to work (by retraining the model) but it didn’t work because it didn’t detect Donkey, Fiona, and charming. We also went through the safety checklist and, luckily, we passed. Additionally we did a bunch of test driving…

  • ressProg

    Nathaniel repaired the hand because it broke last meeting. Sawyer attached the team numbers to the robot. We practiced driving the robot around the field and scoring cones. Sawyer got the autonomous working and now the robot can move to the three parking spots. Nathaniel made a Tinkercad model of our team capstone (a Shrek…

  • Too much progress

    Today we had an extra long meeting because of Christmas Break. We were able to get the claw to pick up cones and stay stabilized. We had to do a lot of adjusting to get the claw to pick up the cones. We also got the arm to move up and down. Then the claw…

  • Lotsaaaaaaaaaaaa Progress

    We reattached the arm and the hand. The hand was not working, but we were able to debug it. We moved the place where the phone was and took a video of our team cone sleeve. Then we uploaded the video to ftcml.com and taught the robot to recognize Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey.

  • 12-15 Maybe Progress

    Okay, we know we forgot to post last week. So last week we mainly coded the mechanism for the arm, but then, very unluckily, the string snapped during our test. Time jump to this week. First we restrung the arm with blue string to match Aquabots. Then Sawyer worked on coding for the hand that…

  • Arm Progress

    Sawyer and Nathaniel moved the mount for the phone to its final resting place. Nathaniel and Jacob programed the arm to go up and down. It didn’t work, but after a while of debugging we got it to work again. But after all that work it got tangled and jammed almost immediately.

  • Moderate to Severe Progress

    Nathaniel worked on the mounting for the arm, but we had to reconfigure the robot to make room. We than ate a lot of pizza, and we then had to change where the wheels were mounted.