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  • Arm, hand and driving

    Today we worked on the arm, designed another hand model, and fixed the turning code. We learned about tensorflow and how to teach the robot into doing things without a controller, this includes recognizing objects on its own.

  • Progress 3

    SAWYER!!! CAM! OLIVER! KEVIN! NATHANIEL! We finished the structure of the brick racer and tested a couple of wheels for it. We decided to use Tetrix wheels in the back and omni wheels in the front, because it would make the brick racer go faster than all omni wheels or rubber wheels. We also finished…

  • Progress 2

    We finished building the robot for power play and pugged in all the cables. Then we started programming it but we realized we only had two weeks until the brick race so we started the fish.

  • Progress

    CAM!!!!!! OLIVER! SAWYER! NATHANIEL! Today we started building the robot and put the wheels on the competition robot. We started designing and testing builds for the hand grip thingy, while that was printing we also did some building of the brick car. We also looked over our design for the brick non-motor vehicle. And we…

  • Planning for the competition

    Oliver, Sawyer, Kevin

  • First Meeting

    Cam, Kevin, Oliver We deconstructed most of last years robot, and built the first 16 steps of the starter robot. We looked through the social media and changed the photos on the website. Next week we are gonna finish the starter robot, and start drafting ideas for the new seasons robot.